What is NFW?

A global event in favour of the new freedom that will take place on June 27th and 28th where we want to represent with you the end of a stage that has caused a great change in our lives.
During this weekend we propose that while we practice our favorite physical activity (walking, running, riding a bike or a scooter) we pay tribute to and express what motivates us.

What will it be like?

Through the use of a mask that symbolizes a new way of life, which we will wear during the physical practice we choose and in the location we want. You will choose the physical activity, the location, the message of the mask and to whom you will donate your registration, and we will need your photographs during the event in order to show all the messages and tributes to the whole world.

  • Sign up for New Freedom Weekend

  • Choose who you donate to:

    - Cris Contra el Cáncer
    - Fundación Iker Casillas
    - World Central Kitchen
    - ONG Rescate
    - Unoentrecienmil

  • TWe'll send you home a mask, put your name on it, and who you dedicate your action to that weekend.
    *Shipping costs not included.

  • Your action on June 27th and 28th can be from walking, to running, cycling, or playing in the park.

  • Take a picture with your mask and upload it with the hashtag #newfreedomweekend


But you can still helping any of the causes we created this event for

A donation of only £5 goes to...

- Cris Contra el Cáncer, in favour of the investigation against COVID-19.

- Fundación Iker Casillas, promotion of healthy and sporting habits in the child population.

- World Central Kitchen, to help bring food to the needy.

- ONG Rescate, help for refugees, victims of gender violence and LGTB in Spain.

- Unoentrecienmil, promoting the cure for childhood leukemia.




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*Registration open until June 23rd at 23:59h and outside Spain until June 22nd at 23:59h.

We send you the homage mask so that on the weekend of June 27th and 28th you can put it on and spread the message of the new freedom

Upload a photo with the hashtag